Exhibitors Information


TO REGISTER YOUR INTEREST FOR AAF 2025 PLEASE EMAIL aberdeenartfair@btinternet.com

Applications to exhibit at Aberdeen Art Fair 2024 are now open. The 12th edition of this event takes place from the 30th of August to the 1st of September at the Aberdeen Music Hall. For this curated event we welcome applications from art galleries, professional artists, print studios and artists collectives.

Exhibition stand prices are fully inclusive and start at £595 plus vat. Payments can be made in two instalments.

Be part of this exciting event that has become a major part in Aberdeen’s cultural calendar with visitors enjoying free admission for adults and children.


  • Flexible exhibition stand sizes in Shell Scheme or Wood.
  • All stand prices are fully inclusive with no hidden extras.
  • Extensive Marketing and PR campaign.
  • On-site bar and cafe facilities
  • Complimentary wrapping service
  • Off -load metres from the venue
  • City centre location with hotels, restaurants and shopping centres nearby.
  • Exhibit at Europe’s energy capitol.

Applications are invited from art galleries, professional artists, print studios and art collectives. We will require to see 6 samples of the art similar to those in style that you wish to exhibit at the event. To ensure a variety and broad range of art is on offer each new exhibitor is subject to the same selection process. The Exhibitors Application Form can be found below along with the events terms and conditions and FAQs.


‘Peacock have attended every Aberdeen Art Fair since the inaugural event at the Music Hall in 2010. Peacock, as a public arts organisation, have built longevity on cultivating partnerships are indebted to those events. They consistently provide an exceptional platform to sell contemporary art. We are afforded the opportunity of building new friendships and customers during and after each fair, this year was no exception. We look forward to attending the event again in Aberdeen in 2024.’ – David McCracken Arts Business Manager Peacock Visual Arts

‘Its been a real pleasure exhibiting at the AAF again this year. We have had so many lovely interactions with customers who have ( as always) made the event so memorable and special. Thanks so much for all the sales. Thank you also to the amazing organisers-your efforts to help run everything so smoothly are so very much appreciated.’ – Award winning artist  David Gilliver

‘Always a pleasure to be part of the AAF and this weekend didn’t disappoint. The Music Hall is a beautiful venue and provides the perfect setting for this fun friendly and relaxed art fair. We are delighted with the sales from the weekend and even happier to have met so many art loving customers. We look forward to seeing you again next year.‘ – A Heart of Glass.

‘I enjoyed chatting to the exhibitors who were all very helpful in assisting with my selection of a  painting which was a present for my sister.‘ – T Nicol, Inverness

‘I attended on Sunday with the outside temperature being 24 degrees ,which I appreciate doesn’t happen too often. In my opinion the Music Hall needs proper air conditioning Apart from that im looking forward to next years fair.‘ – R . Greig, Aberdeen

‘Should have been open later at the weekend as I don’t finish work until 4pm. Pleased that its free especially in these times.‘ – Mrs S McKinnon, Aberdeen

‘Every stand was a delight. A proper and varied selection of contemporary art in our favourite location.’ –  J Freeman, Aberdeen

‘More selection over £10k please.’ – Pete ( no surname given).

For deadline details email aberdeenartfair@btinternet.com

We welcome applications from printmakers and print studios.
Prints on sale must be authographic prints – that is involving the “hand of the artist” in their production. (original prints – editions of up to 250 acceptable.)


Exhibition stands are provided by one of Scotland’s leading exhibition stand suppliers. All exhibition stands come complete with:

  • Shell scheme or wooden stand. (A hanging system is provided for shell scheme stands).
  • Fascia nameplate
  • Storage area
  • Power supply, wifi, chairs, tables (tables for 3m w plus stands) gallery standard lighting.
  • Complimentary wrapping service
  • PR assistance.
  • Exhibitors are allowed to take their own browsers, easels and small tables.


Exhibitors Application Form 2024 and Exhibition Stand Prices –  Click Here

Friday 12.00am– 5.00pm Exhibitors set up
Friday 6.00pm – 9.00pm Public Open Evening and Corporate Event
Saturday 10.00am – 5.00pm Open to public
Sunday 10.00am – 5.00pm Open to public
Take down – Sunday from close of show


  • Exhibitors are prohibited from piling art on the exhibition stand floor. All work must be unwrapped and hung on the walls. Work can be presented in exhibitors own browsers. Secure storage facilities are available.
  • Prints on sale must be authographic prints – that is involving the “hand of the artist” in their production. Mass produced reproductions even if high quality ink jet (giclee) or screenprint are not acceptable. (Editions up to 250 acceptable.) Artists & photographers working digitally can exhibit ‘giclee’ prints but they must be of the highest possible quality using proven colourfast inks high quality paper and of a limited edition.
  • Artists cannot sublet their space or any part of it to another party without prior permission
  • Artists cannot display the work or services of another party without prior permission
  • If the event is cancelled we will return your deposit and stand fee in full but cannot be held liable for any additional expenses incurred.
  • All stand fees must be paid in full by 1 July. If payment is not received in full by this date, unfortunately you will lose your allocated stand and 20% deposit. There will be no refunds paid if the exhibitor withdraws from the event after 1st of July.
  • You are responsible for your own insurance of your work, public liability will be covered by GM Events for the overall running of the fair but we advise that you still have back up.
  • All artwork must be displayed within the confines of the exhibition stand.
  • All work displayed must be for sale.
  • No artwork deemed to be offensive in nature will be allowed.
  • A few cards and postcards can be displayed and sold but must not dominate – 3 or 4 designs max.
  • An artist can only be represented at one exhibition stand throughout the art fair and therefore cannot be exhibited at multiple stands.
  • Exhibitors are prohibited from selling or distributing alcohol at their exhibition stand.

About the Organisers
The Aberdeen Art Fair is presented by GM Events Ltd who have offices in Aberdeen and Glasgow and whose Director Gerry Muldoon along with his colleagues have been delivering cultural events in Scotland for 20 years. The company has a reputation for delivering successful events and have worked in partnership with many private and public sector organisations such as Scottish Enterprise, Aberdeenshire Council, Aberdeenshire Leader, Arts and Business Scotland and Royal Deeside and Cairngorms Destination Management Organisation.

Our Customers
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Aberdeen Art Fair will be backed by an extensive focused marketing and PR campaign that will bring together the discerning art buyer, the art enthusiast and the novice collector.
Its worth remembering that the population of the North-East of Scotland is in the top three of the highest disposable incomes in the UK. With a buoyant economy that has a thirst for culture and a long standing tradition of producing great artists combined with a superb range of galleries and one of the finest art schools in the UK Aberdeen and its Aberdeen Music Hall provides a perfect host for the Art Fair.

The marketing campaign will include

  • Outdoor media campaign
  • Cultural/art magazine ads
  • On-line arts magazines sites
  • Leaflet drop
  • Targeted Google Ads Campaign
  • Targeted invites to the oil sector
  • Targeted invites to the legal and financial sectors
  • Extensive PR and Social Media campaign.
  • Aberdeen Art Fairs own website www.aberdeenartfair.co.uk
  • Extensive local advertising campaign including Press and Journal, Evening Express, West End Gazette and Original FM
  • Database marketing to previous years AAF customers and prospects

Why can’t I sell Giclee (Inkjet) reproductions?
We want Aberdeen Art Fair to have and maintain a reputation for selling the best quality original artwork. We are very supportive of original printmaking and wish to exhibit many printmakers / printmaking studios. We feel that in the long term, exhibiting and selling reproductions undermines the event as a high quality national art fair, and in the short term confuses the public about what is and what is not an original print.

Is there a commission charge on sales?
No commission is charged.

How many hanging wires will be on the exhibition stands?
Small Pods – standard 10 perlon wires with hooks within stand
Large Pods – standard 16 perlon wires with hooks within stand
plus there will be extras available if necessary

What size will the table be on the exhibition stand ?
The large exhibition stands only will be supplied with a trestle table which is approx 4ft x 2ft with a white table cloth, (if you don’t want a table just let us know).

Please can you confirm when we can get access to the Music Hall?
Access will be available from 12 noon – there will be a team of people to help you bring in your artwork.

De-rig timing?
De-rig will be 5.00 on Sunday once all the visitors have left. Again there will be assistance to get your artworks out to your transport. Please just bear in mind that there are quite a few of you leaving at the same time so it may slow things down. We are aiming to have the Hall cleared by yourselves by about 6.30 – then the exhibition people will come in to dismantle everything.

Storage of artwork during the Fair?
There is secure storage facilities in rooms just metres from the main hall. You will be introduced to the head steward on arrival who will show you to your storage area.

What labels can we use?
You can use sticky labels as long as you take them off at the end. You can also use card/foamex labels stuck on with blue or white tack.

What is the standard lighting?
Small Pods – standard 2 lights per stand (1 max available for purchase)
Large Pods – standard 3 lights per stand (2 max available for purchase)
(Any extra lights can be purchased at a cost of £15 plus VAT each)

If after reading through this information you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us on aberdeenartfair@btinternet.com

Our legal boffins ask us to point out that AAF my not be suitable for every type of artist/exhibitor and we therefore cannot promise or guarantee results in any way. If you have any queries on this please contact us.